Love Therapy

Love Therapy is the brand wanted and created in 2003 by Elio Fiorucci. It does not offer entire collections, but small pieces, new T-shirts, jeans, witty accessories, garments to wear alone or mix them with others you love, functional and fun clothing, cheerful, colorful and well-made clothes that you become fond of, to whom you love and that you would like to always have with you.

It is important that the objects and garments are beautiful and sincere, that they move our heart and the heart of the beholder and that they are made without cruelty.

The fantastic world of Love Therapy with its little dwarf, its creativity, its colors and its tenderness, interprets a world outside the rules and wants to communicate values ​​of love, respect for animals and for nature, all.

In our opinion, any business must also satisfy spiritual values. The attentive and sensitive consumer warns them and shares them, values ​​with which each of us can find their own balance and the meaning of their lives.