LeBebé is the jewelry brand that accompanies women on a unique and exciting journey: becoming mothers.

Starting from the pendant in the stylized shape of a boy and girl, a true icon of contemporary jewellery, the precious leBebé are elements created to seal the most important moments of this intense journey, different and unique for every woman. Unique and inimitable jewels, which tell intimate and personal stories, made up of moments to celebrate and experiences to live and share.

In this precious world, Primegioie is dedicated to the little ones, a collection of jewels with a playful and colorful style that accompanies children as they grow.

The same attention to detail contained in every jewel is found in leBebé children’s clothing, where precious yarns and original models give life to exclusive collections, to lovingly accompany the first years of life of our little treasures.

The skill with which leBebé jewelery and garments are made is accompanied by a guarantee of excellence, the flagship of the brand: every single creation is in fact 100% made in Italy.